Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things we did this spring

Alice with her princess fishing pole

Went fishing in the lake. Didn't catch anything, but still had fun!

Sporting the sun glasses...rare here in Washington

Went to a Mariners game Went camping with Bo, Melanie, and Ro

We had a good spring with some fun activities. The girls loved fishing even though we haven't had much luck so far. The baseball games are always so much fun. I love the whole atmosphere. Good music, good food, good fun! And camping. I can never get enough. We went to the church property and camped on grass for the very first time. A little different than we're used to. It was so beautiful and so fun. Melanie taught me her way of making smores. Instead of using chocolate, you use a reeses peanut butter cup. Never going back. Sooo good. Many more post to come.